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Pulsor provides emf protection and energy balancing

Pulsor energy balancing and emf protection

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Finding Balance with Pulsor®

Life can be incredibly stressful. All of the modern conveniences we enjoy -- computers, cell phones, microwaves, automobiles -- rather than relieving stress, just seem to contribute even more. So many stressors confront us:            

  • other people with their emotions and expectations 
  • demands from our hectic schedules 
  • the contemporary epidemic of rushing everything and hurrying everywhere
  • EMF pollution from the electromagnetic radiation which surrounds us and ris produced by our many electronic appliances and gadgets

We need to find a way to neutralize environmental  stressors and to relax and calm ourselves so that we can have clear thinking and emotional peace.

Pulsor® can neutralize external sources of stress which disrupt and disharmonize our natural balance and clear the effects of that stress in our personal energy systems. Wearing Pulsors and using them in your environment can return balance and harmony to your life.

How Does Pulsor® Work? 

The fundamental purpose of Pulsor® is twofold: to restore and maintain the natural balance of the human energy fields and to maintain the harmonious flow of energy within objects and the environment.

Pulsors are available in various forms. Some (created for protection) are designed to wear as a pendant or carry in a pocket. Others condition appliances or a building's entire electrical circuit. Still others serve a therapeutic function when employed by persons trained in Pulsor® Balancing techniques. 

Pulsors consist of millions of specially designed and processed microcrystals. They are not common quartz crystals, but are comprised of a unique proprietary crystalline matrix. The microcrystals constitute a dynamic energy cell with a multitude of quasi-electronic circuits acting as traps and wave filters of various frequencies of the vortex energy system. They are also sensitive to an extremely wide range of environmental frequencies. 

Interaction with the body's pulsating bio-energetic waves causes the Pulsor® crystals to organize in various grid patterns and circuit configurations which, then, exert a balancing influence on the energy field being conditioned. 

Due to their unique properties, crystals have long been used for frequency centering  in electronic devices, i.e. radio and television transmitters and receivers. Similarly, there are centers in the body that are both energy wave broadcasters and receivers. The highly refined Pulsor® Microcrystal Technology provides alternative health products which can reestablish and maintain the user's personal energy centers.

Pulsor® Protectors are passive devices. They are energized by contact with existing energy fields and require no external source of energy. Once activated by encountering an electromagnetic field, the Pulsor® responds with a corrective resonance and restores coherence, harmony and balance.

When Pulsor® detects harmful waves in the environment, it transmutes that energy and returns it to the source without allowing it to affect the person or area under Pulsor® protection. Pulsor® microcrystal technology is able to correct and amplify the vibrational state of people, places and things. 

The umbrella of beneficial energy created by Pulsor® provides EMF protection as well as protection from other energies and vibrations detrimental to a balanced, healthy life. An individual's personal energy system is freed from the burden of keeping distorting energies at bay. Our internal energy is then available--as it was meant --for personal development, creativity and healing.


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Ultima Thetas work on your mental energy field. 

Wear your Thetas and use in energy balancings:

  • Especially helpful if your mind is always running at full speed

  • Slow down brain wave  frequencies and quiet the mind chatter

  • Helps create greater mental tranquility

  • Keep near your head at night for improved sleep

**30-day money-back guarantee on Pulsor products. Must be returned in original condition.