Research and Resources

Live Dark Field Blood Studies

The following study was conducted to examine, through Live Cell Microscopy, the effects of cell phone use on individuals and the subsequent corrective effect of Pulsor use. Conducted by Christa Uricher, N.D. Baden-Baden, Germany

Additional Resources

  • "Pulsor: Miracle of Microcrystals - A Treatise on Energy Balancing" - Dr. George T. F. Yao (available on this website in Products)
  • "Energy Medicine Technologies" - Finley Eversole (Editor)
  • "Preliminary Screening Study of the Effects of Fluorescent Radiation on Blood Chemistries of Rats in the Presence and Absence of Pulsor Anti-Radiation Devices" - Joseph B. Michaelson, Ph.D.
  • "Energy Balancing through the Pulse of Crystals" - Ulrich Arndt