Some Pulsors (created for protection) are intended to be worn as pendants or can be carried in a pocket on your body. Other types deal with the EMF fields associated with electrical appliances or electrical circuits of buildings.

But Pulsors are more than protective devices. They are also used therapeutically. Pulsor® Balancing Techniques serve to release energy  blockages and distortions we accumulate simply by living our lives. These energy imbalances in the subtle energy fields can result in our feeling out of sorts mentally and emotionally, even eventually manifesting in our physical bodies as disorders or illness.

For best results using Pulsor® technology it is important to begin with the more basic Pulsors. Balancing and strengthening your personal energy  field and providing a more energy- beneficial and nurturing home environment are an essential foundation on which to build the more positive functioning you desire.  

People are sometimes tempted to jump ahead by starting with more advanced or specialized varieties of Pulsor. However, the more advanced Pulsors were designed to work best after more basic energy is cleared and energy flow is balanced. If that work is not done first, the more advanced Pulsors will not be as effective. Environmental harmony and balanced personal energy are the beginning of improved functioning for yourself no matter what issues or problems you might be experiencing.


So Many Types of Pulsors--The Choices Can Feel Confusing

Out in the world we are almost continually immersed in discordant energies which constantly interact with and affect our own energy fields. Pulsors strengthen and maintain our bioenergy in a more balanced state.

Use your Pulsors consistently on a daily basis to gain maximum benefit. That means frequent Pulsor® self-balancings and wearing them every day. The result will be cumulative clearing and strengthening of your bioenergy field, translating into a greater feeling of well-being on all levels (mental, emotional and physical). In addition, living and sleeping in a Pulsor®-treated environment helps you to maintain that balanced state by minimizing the effects of EMF pollution.

Most important to remember:  

Inconsistent use of Pulsors will produce inconsistent results. Pulsors worn and applied regularly will give you the cumulative clearing and improvements in your energy balance you are seeking. Do you want to settle for just feeling okay, or do you want to get to the best level you can attain?


Where to Begin

Essential Pulsors for Establishing Balance and Harmony in Your Energy

1. Angel Vortex Stabilizers or Hi-Fi Torroids  are versatile and powerful - excellent way to begin with Pulsor® protection and energy clearing.  Use for:

  • personal energy balancings
  • wearing every day to improve and maintain energy flow
  • protection from EMF and other disruptive energies
  • improving home and office environments

2. The Acu-Pulsor® Spin Tester is a valuable, useful adjunct to your other Pulsors.

  • determine where your bioenergy blockages are located
  • test your environment
  • test your food and drink for energy harmony

3. Vortex Energy Filter(s) installed in your home and work space will:

  • improve the energy quality and harmony of your environment
  • help keep your own bioenergy in more consistent balance

4. Pulsor® Pendants and Pulsor® Cards , especially when wearing larger Pulsors is not practical.

  • easily worn
  • provide protection from disharmonious energies
  • help maintain balance after Vortex Energy Balancing with Pulsors

5. Pulsor® Section Cards are a worthwhile addition to controlling your energy environment.

  • attach to your cell or wireless phone
  • attach to other small electronic devices you might use

6. Ultima Super Theta Infra Gold Pulsors to help counteract potentially debilitating effects of wi-fi that is virtually everywhere:

  • place on wireless equipment
  • wear on your person


pulsors in home and work environments Vortex Energy Filter

Vortex Energy Filter (VEF)

Vortex Energy Filters (Hi-tech Feng Shui) are the primary means of  environmental energy amelioration using Pulsor technology. Feedback over the decades has been that persons living in Pulsor-treated environments experience considerable improvement in their own functioning and in their environment. This has been the case even for environmentally- and electro-sensitive people. 

Environmentally-applied Pulsor technology:

· neutralizes negative effects of discordant energy sources

· establishes a beneficial living or working environment of harmonious energies

· counters disruptive influences of electronic devices and geopathic fields


The VEF Filter converts disruptive energy fields produced by  AC wiring in the walls of your home or workplace into a supportive, healthy energy oasis in which to live and work. The associated EMF no longer disrupts your bioenergy field. In most cases, the effect encompasses an entire office or single-family home, depending on certain factors:

1. Square footage - A single VEF is usually effective for up to 3500 square feet.

2. Number of circuit breaker boxes - Each box will need its own Filter.

3. Length of cable runs from circuit breakers to last outlet. 

4. Amount and types of electrical equipment in use. 

Energy-sensitive people generally feel a positive difference almost immediately. Noticing a change might take longer for those who are not as energy-sensitive. Nevertheless, they are generally surprised at how much better the environment feels and they feel. 

The usual response is one of being in a softer, calmer, more peaceful place. The experience of being in a Pulsor-treated environment versus one that is untreated can be likened to the difference between being next to a tranquil lake in the mountains versus being in the middle of a frenetic traffic jam in the city. 

A Pulsor-treated environment enhances the effects of Pulsors that are worn. They are not, then, continuously engaged with clearing negative bioenergy effects produced by a discordant environment. They can, instead, be involved with increasing the balance and flow of your bioenergy. If you do not have to constantly defend against discordant environmental energy and unbalanced energy patterns, there is greater opportunity for your personal growth.The