Mysterious Maladies - Pulsor emf protectors

What is this constant bombardment of toxic background energy doing to us? Though evidence seems to be pointing to the harmful connection between EMF waves and the deterioration of one's health, the jury is still out. Results of scientific research are not yet universally conclusive. A direct cause/effect relationship has not yet been proven between electromagnetic radiation and illness. 

Western science still does not fully understand the body's energy systems and the subtle energy dynamics involved in the destructive interactions with EMF fields. Nevertheless, countless people worldwide report symptoms they believe to be a result of this constant bombardment by low level electromagnetic waves. The affirmative reports continue to increase.            

Leaders in both holistic therapy and electromagnetic field research agree that many of the everyday maladies for which people cannot find a standard medical basis may be caused or aggravated by these EMF fields. Many people have reported that once the EMF disturbance in their home or work environmen was corrected, their headaches, vision problems, anxiety, irritability, depression, nausea, fatigue, disturbed sleep, etc. have been alleviated or resolved.            

If you are suffering from mysterious symptoms and cannot get a reasonable explanation, you may be experiencing the effects of toxic background energy! Even if you currently have no symptoms, no one who lives in the modern technological world is free from the unhealthy effects of these omnipresent EMF fields. We all need to protect ourselves. Using Pulsor® EMF protection can keep your energy fields balanced, healthy and functioning properly.            

We invite you to try our Pulsor® products and experience firsthand how they can enhance your life.