Energy Medicine

Today's most successful health practitioners, regardless of their area of expertise, know that the future of the healing professions lies in energy medicine. A balanced relationship exists between the human body's various energy fields and its physical well-being. Modern physics has recognized that the human body is essentially a vibrating field of energy which manifests as the various organs and systems of the physical body. Using therapeutic intervention at the non-physical (i.e. energy) level to address physical conditions has been the basis of many centuries-old healing traditions practiced throughout the world. 

While modern Western medicine has only recently begun to acknowledge the effectiveness of energy medicine practices, the general population has been increasingly interested in this perspective. This shift is evidenced by greater numbers of people turning to and finding positive results through energy medicine modalities. 

Biofeedback, homeopathy, acupuncture, feng shui, tai chi, yoga and therapeutic touch are just some of the practices gaining new adherents daily. Medical schools throughout the U.S., and worldwide, now offer courses in these traditional therapeutic modalities. And, many M.D.'s are beginning to incorporate these treatment methods with their patients, often finding that the healing response is enhanced and treatment time substantially reduced.

This model of energy/material interaction underlies the science behind the Pulsor® EMF protective products. When Dr. Yao discovered the Vortex Energy System - the basic energy interface between the pre-physical and the physical universe - he realized that one could now address the profound impact that subtle electromagnetic fields exert on the human body. Marrying his understanding of ancient energy medicine with the principles of cutting-edge physics, Dr. Yao invented products that successfully counteract the harmful effects of these EMF fields. These products are the remarkable Pulsor® Vortex Energy Stabilizers. alternative health products