Antidote for Toxic Energies - Pulsor® EMF Protectors

Western science does not fully understand the body's subtle energy systems and the dynamics involved in the destructive interactions with EMF fields. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people worldwide report symptoms they believe to be a result of this constant bombardment by low level electromagnetic waves.

Leaders in both holistic therapy and electromagnetic field research agree that many of the everyday disorders for which people cannot find a standard medical basis may be caused or aggravated by EMF pollution. This notion receives support from those who take steps to ameliorate the EMF disturbance in their home or work environment. After the EMF problem is corrected, their headaches, vision problems, anxiety, irritability, depression, nausea, fatigue, disturbed sleep, etc. are reported as alleviated or resolved.

If you are suffering from mysterious symptoms and cannot get a reasonable explanation, you may be experiencing the effects of toxic background energy! Even if you currently have no symptoms, no one who lives in the modern technological world is free from the unhealthy effects of these omnipresent EMF fields. 

We all need to protect ourselves. Wearing and treating your environment with Pulsors provides EMF protection and the relief from stress that so many people desperately need. Pulsor® protection can keep your energy fields balanced and functioning properly. They restore harmony to your natural frequencies. You are invited to try our Pulsor® products and experience firsthand how they can enhance your life.     


A balanced relationship exists between the human body's various energy fields and its physical well-being. Modern physics has recognized that the human body is essentially a vibrating field of energy which manifests as the various organs and systems of the physical body. Using therapeutic intervention at the non-physical (i.e. energy) level to address physical conditions has been the basis of many centuries-old healing traditions practiced throughout the world. 

While modern Western medicine has only recently begun to acknowledge the effectiveness of energy medicine practices, the general population has been increasingly interested in this alternative. This shift is evidenced by greater numbers of people turning to and finding positive results through energy medicine modalities. Biofeedback, homeopathy, acupuncture, feng shui, tai chi, yoga and therapeutic touch are just some of the practices gaining many new adherents.

Medical schools throughout the U.S. and worldwide now offer courses in alternative energy therapy modalities. In addition, many medical doctors have begun to incorporate these treatment methods. As a result, their patients often find that the healing response is enhanced and treatment time substantially reduced. Today's most successful health practitioners, regardless of their area of expertise, recognize that the future of the healing professions incorporates energy medicine.

Energy/material interaction is the foundational concpt underlying Pulsor® protective products. When Dr. George T. F. Yao discovered the Vortex Energy System - the basic energy interface between the pre-physical and the physical universes - he realized that he could then address the profound impact that subtle electromagnetic fields exert on the human body. 

Mergng an understanding of ancient energy medicine practices with the principles of cutting-edge physics, Dr. Yao invented products that successfully counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation, provide EMF protection and have a balancing effect on the bioenergy fields. These products are the remarkable alternative health and wellness products known as Pulsors.