Electromagnetic Fields and Stress

We are energy beings, living in an energy universe and interacting with an energy environment. Some of these energy interactions are beneficial to us. Others disrupt our personal energy balance and can be stressful and harmful to our healthful, optimal frunctioning.  Most people would probably describe their stress levels as high or even worse. Contributing to those high stress levels are the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with electricity.

Back when we were only exposed to electromagnetic radiation from naturally occurring sources (sun, stars, etc.) EMF fields did not present a problem. Now, however, Americans are exposed to electromagnetic radiation which is at least 200 million times more intense than the EM from naturally occurring sources.

The United States is wired with at least two hundred thousand miles of high voltage power lines and over five million distribution lines. For communications and cell phones, we depend on about 250,000 microwave relay links. Millions of broadcasting transmitters flood our airwaves. United States industry  and military employ a multitude of electromagnetic devices. We relax  more than 118 million TV sets.  Homes are loaded with electronic appliances and gadgets both large and small.  The numbers increase dramatically, as the years pass. 

EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation, as a by-product of this explosion of electronic technology. It is causing a new type of environmental pollution consisting of toxic background  radiation emitted from emitted from millions of domestic appliances, military installations, industrial machines, computers, radio and television transmitters and all other electrically powered devices. The problem created is serious and concerning.

The problem of EMF pollution is compounded by our use of metal. Metallic objects such as electrical circuits, telephone wiring, water and gas pipes, even the metal objects we carry on our bodies (keys, watches, jewelry, etc.) act as antennae, which collect and re-radiate these disorienting energy waves. This magnifies the effect and can profoundly alter the natural polarities of the body's energy field.            

Continuous bombardment by EMF waves distorts the natural, necessary information flow that is vital to our individual energy systems. These waves also tend to entrain us. Entrainment, or sympathetic resonance, is the tendency of an object to vibrate at the same frequency as an external stimulus. When we become entrained to an external disharmonizing frequency, our natural inner frequencies are disrupted. These distortions of the natural rhythms of the body's various systems might ultimately lead to disease. 

Numerous reports have even suggested a possible link between high-tension wires and cancer. Though evidence seems to be pointing to the harmful connection between EMF waves and the deterioration of one's health, a direct cause/effect relationship has not yet been established  Further research is needed.

Perhaps results have been inconclusive because researchers have been focusing on the  wrong issue. The problem with electricity is not necessarily related to the gauss rating or intensity of the electromagnetic field. The problem, instead, results from the incoherent nature of those fields. That incoherence disturbs our sensitive bioenergy. The cumulative effect of that disruption (through a process called kindling) can be eventual cell damage and weakening of the immune system.