Electromagnetic Fields and Stress

Most people in the contemporary world would probably describe their stress levels as high. A likely contributor to the high stress levels we experience is the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with electricity. Numerous reports have suggested a possible link  between high-tension wires and cancer, but the results have been inconclusive and further research has been proposed. Perhaps the results have been inconclusive because we are looking in the wrong direction.

The problem with electricity is not resulting from the intensity of the gauss rating of the electromagnetic field. The problem, instead, results from the incoherent nature of those fields. That incoherence disturbs our sensitive auric field. The cumulative effect of the disruption can be eventual cell damage and weakening of the immune system. When the only electromagnetic radiation to which we were exposed was from naturally occurring sources (sun, stars, etc.), EM fields did not present a problem. Now, however, Americans are exposed to electromagnetic radiation which as much as 200 million times more intense than EM from naturally occurring sources. Pulsor is able to provide stress relief.